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Our CEO has been interviewed by the Website Planet team, where he talked about the beginnings of Rambox and some other interesting topics.

We invite you to follow this link to see the full interview:

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Because of this global crisis we are living, we decided to help people who need to work from their home and needs to keep productive by giving them a discount.

Rambox Pro helps you to organize your workspace and be more productive.

New sign-ups will get two months of trial instead of one.

Use “COVID19-2” to get 30% off in Yearly and Lifetime plans.

Coupon code valid until July 31st 2020 — Applied once

It has been one year since we release the first version of Rambox Pro.

We want to thank all Rambox users, you don’t know what amazing you are. You helped us to improve us and Rambox itself to provide a better experience and a better software.

Because of this important date, we will give you a present:

30% Discount for Yearly Plan until August 15th 2019

You don’t have to use any coupon, just subscribe and the discount will be applied.

Because our community is the best and the holidays are coming, we want to give a discount to them as a present.

Use coupon code:


This applies only to Rambox Pro Yearly plan. Ends the 1st Jan 2019. This is a one-time offer for nonpaying customers. The deal applies to the initial subscription period, after which your account renews at $48.

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Starting today, you can get a one time 30% off with Yearly plan so… What are you waiting? 😆

Use coupon code: LRWQ-20C9-V8JS-DJZT

This promotion is available for only a week (starting from today) and for new subscribers.

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After a while, we were able to launch a new version of Rambox CE, our Free and Open source software. It has been a hard trip to finish this version because we added a lot of new improvements like:

  • Code Sign. 🔑
  • NSIS Installer. 💾
  • New auto-updater. 🔄
  • Migrate to Auth0 OIDC Conformant. 🔧
  • A lot of security improvements. 🔒
  • Cleared code. 💨
  • Faster builds on our Continuous Delivery providers. 🚀
  • and much more!

You can read all the changes here.

Because of the new build process and auto-updater, all users need to update it manually. Sorry about this! …

Well… here we are. Around two years after we released the first version of Rambox free and open source.

We don’t have words to explains the happiness of knowing how many users use it every day. More than 50k users use it every month and growing!

Around 8 months ago, we started to build a new version of Rambox from scratch, with a better UI, performance and new features. After working hard, today we released this new version.

But there are users worried about the future of Rambox (now called Community Edition, to differentiate with the Pro version). For those:



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